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Worth Noting is a weekly newsletter championing a life of laid-back luxury and occasion-less entertaining.

It’s an edited collection of things worth noting (see what we did there?): things we’re talking about, things in our cart, and things that inspire us. Things we want to share. Read: notes on wow-ing a wine snob, Meghan and Harry’s dinner party playlists, the marble bowl your coffee table’s craving/feels naked without, and a whole lot more.

We’ll do the leg work and deliver you with the best / selection

you don’t need endless options… you need the right ones.

about the curating of them, making the selection a little less daunting

What will you do with all of your newfound free time?

Your newfound free time?

Focus on the important things. You know - spontaneous al fresco happy hours in your backyard, catching up with your husband (once the house is quiet) over a glass of merlot, and lazy Sunday mornings spent pursuing the Sunday Styles section of the Times post-Brunch.

Beginning this Spring, Worth Noting will be delivered to subscribers’ inboxes each Sunday at 6:00 am E.S.T.