Oh hey!

I'm Alexandrea Jarvis. "Alex," often; "Al" only if you don't want to be my friend. 
A twenty-something, oyster obsessed, statement earring hoarding, amateur art-collecting, self-proclaimed dinner party devotee born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee.

Oh - and technically, a designer, by trade. 

Both my mother and father are architects, so I suppose it was predestined that I would wind up here. Design’s in my dna. 
You’ll likely find me sneaking a picture of your dog, drink in hand, or (somewhat neurotically) re-arranging the art, candles, and books in my home. 


Alexandrea Jarvis is a creative consultant specializing in the growth of brands that speak to today's design-minded consumer. She currently advises a select group of clients, assisting with art direction and conceptualizing collections, developing sharpened brand experiences, and communicating with consumers in more meaningful ways. 

For all collaboration inquiries, you can reach me at partnerships@alexandreajarvis.com. Same goes for any general burning questions you’re dying to know. Shoot me a note. I stay up pretty late.