Le Scoop: The New Me by Halle Butler


The New Me, a bootleg My Year of Rest and Relaxation… and I mean that in the best possible way.

“A definitive work of millennial literature” - The New Yorker

If, like me, you’re a millennial or find yourself over-indulging on all of the up-and-coming “millennial lit”; put down your oat milk latte and take a moment to add this book to your list. 

The New Me follows Millie, a disaffected, directionless (and honestly, delusional) thirty-year-old, bitterly working a dead-end temp job in Chicago. She spends her days in a self-induced isolation, repulsed by her over-confident 20-something co-workers. At home, Millie spends her time sucking in her stomach, putting coconut oil in her hair, reminding herself to stretch, and composing repulsingly familiar to-do lists…

“I should read a book, I should make some friends, I should write some emails, I should go to the movies, I should get some exercise, I should unclench my muscles, I should get a hobby, I should buy a plant, I should call my exes, all of them, and ask for advice, I should figure out why no one wants to be around me, I should start going to the same bar every night, become a regular, I should volunteer again, I should get a cat or a plant or some nice lotion or some Whitestrips, start using a laundry service, start taking myself both more and less seriously.”

Never has a writer so perfectly captured millennial inner-monologue, I’m afraid. 

Bottom Line: if you’re into millennial manifestos and adored My Year of Rest and Relaxation I can almost-totally-promise that you’ll also adore The New Me.

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