Sunday Best


This Sunday, rather than linking to my favorite products, thus enabling my online shopping addiction, I decided to share some Instagram inspiration. The best form of inspiration there is. 

My camera roll consists of two categories: pictures of Hank and screenshots from Instagram. 

I thought I would share a glimpse into what I find inspiring and beautiful. My hope is that something will catch your eye and inspire you.

You might be inspired to cook someone you adore a meal (just because). Or perhaps you’ll plant something lovely and watch it prospers. Or maybe, just maybe, you’ll run out and buy a few pairs of statement earrings. I mean really, you cannot go wrong.

I want you to find enduring inspiration and a good dose of confidence to tune into and trust your instincts. 

Instagram Intimidation

Social Media gets shit constantly for perpetuating comparison - but what if instead of intimidating us, we took action. Spoiled ourselves. Cherished our loved ones. Started a new project! I’m certain I sound like a broken record, but I value quality over quantity.

I want to simplify and focus on the things that matter and bring us joy. And I want to do those things that really matter - the ordinary and everyday things - really well. 

Instagram Inspiration

Despite her (social media’s) shortcomings, I hope she (again, social media) encourages you to celebrate the everyday. Does that make sense? Instead of seeing someone’s perfectly curated gallery wall and spiraling, head to a local art gallery and pick a piece that speaks to you! More on that to come. 

I always in need more people to stalk virtually so leave a comment below with someone fabulous. Feed my addiction. I beg you. 


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I'm serious. I really would love suggestions on who to follow on Instagram. Leave a comment below! 

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