Rosé Royalty


PSA: Saturday was National Rosé Day… and while Summer hasn't made it’s (official) debut just yet - it’s the season for oysters on ice and chilled rosé, to be enjoyed during the heat of the day, or on into the horribly humid nights.

In order to properly prepare for the upcoming season, I took it upon myself to round up this year's rosé bottles that are best to buy… under $50.

A summer of entertaining is upon us - and having friends over for rosé and dinners al fresco is at the top of my list. After all of this rosé “research” I’m considering a rosé flight tasting... why does beer get to have all the fun?! The thought would be to stock up on bottles from different countries or wine regions - and line them up from lightest to darkest in color... and try them all. I'm also considering trying my hand at the infamous "frosé" so if you've attempted it (successfully) I would love your learnings. 

These rosés were thoughtfully tasted - and deemed the best of the best (judged upon drinkability, value for money and that special something to make it stand out from the crowd) by actual vino experts (not me). 

Unfortunately, I have absolutely no credibility in the world of wine tasting - which is a shame. It’s my understanding that wine tasting is one area in which being highly judgmental and extremely critical are one’s greatest strengths. An area at which I excel.

Insider Information: While all of the options below are 5-star, don't start collecting too many bottles at once. Word on the street is that rosé is best enjoyed… young. "Because of the way rosé is made, it is not meant to age. In other words, it should be drunk within a year of bottling,"

So when buying your next bottle, it's important to keep the following in mind: "We are in 2018, so if you see a rosé with 2017 on the label, grab it up. 2016 might be fine too, but please don’t waste your money on a 2015 (that bottle is dead on arrival)."

These are the fan favorites we'll be sipping on all summer long! Scroll down for top rosé bottles to buy this season - and tell me what bottles you'll be sipping on this season. 

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