Sunday Best



Hello, lover! I made a beeline for these beauties as soon as I laid eyes on them in my inbox - well thought online marketing is a powerful thing.  After months of short gloomy winter days, I am beyond ready for springtime and boozy weekend brunches - outdoors - in the sunshine. A novel idea.  While nothing can beat my dearly beloved clubmasters, these are a fabulous alternative. Full report: they're durable which makes them the perfect sunnies for the boat. I cant count how many times mine have been dropped on the dock at the marina. #noregrets

Nashville Home Design


Nevermind that I haven't cleaned my kitchen in a week and a half ( there are dishes stacked haphazardly on nearly every available surface) or that I have been procrastinating doing laundry for longer than I am willing to publicly admit - we have quite a few social events on the horizon. Between weekly dinners and upcoming Mule Day festivities - it's likely I will be forced to depend on caffeine-fueled energy (and work into the wee hours of the morning for many days to come) to make it all come together. Welcoming all good vibes - and cleaning services. 


Nashville weather... Well we went from 50 and questionable to 80 and srtinkingly sunny, then back again all in one week. What's a girl to wear with weather like this?! Thankfully, this baby follows both of my purchasing commandments: stylish and versatile. It pairs nicely with the matching jacket if you're into that, but it's also great with a t-shirt or a sweater. I stumbled across this vintage-inspired beauty and couldn't walk away. I mean, who is to argue with Ann Mashburn? Not I.  The woman is a goddess. An investment, certainly.

Can't get enough?