Skincare 'Snob'

Alexandrea Jarvis | Skincare Snob ...these products are the holy grail. I’ve re-ordered them all at least once (if not twice) and can’t see myself straying anytime soon.

Every few months I seem to grow tired of my skincare routine and pick up new products in the hopes of switching it up… but these - these products are the holy grail. I’ve re-ordered them all at least once (if not twice) and can’t see myself straying anytime soon. 

My skincare routine is something I look forward to (and appreciate) each day - which I’m sure to a handful of you sounds terribly frivolous… but please, spare me your righteous indignation. 

We stay out too late. We drink too many glasses of champagne... or rose… or tequila. We forget sunscreen. We run from this meeting to that happy hour. Simplicity, and self-care for that matter, seem to be in short supply.

Like so many of you, it can feel as if I am doing a million little things - but doing none of them well. Much less with mindfulness or intention. So maybe it’s the only child in me - but I’m quite the advocate for stealing a few moments to invest in yourself. To be clear, a skincare routine does not a snob make. 

So yes, I’ve tried a dizzying number of products over the years. The products I’m sharing here are ones I adamantly adore and use on a daily basis — and paid for, with my very own money, from my very own bank account. You’re in for only honest opinions inspired by skin-care obsessions. 

Do you have any go-to beauty essentials that help you start your day off on the right foot? I would love to hear in the comments below!

C-Firma Day Serum, Drunk Elephant

I’m religious about using this every single morning and have used it every day since first purchasing it in February. It’s one of those products I love, love and am in desperate need of another bottle. 

If you've been hanging around here for a while, you'll remember that I mentioned it in a Worth Noting post after reading a raving article via Goop. Go figure. 

Dab the serum into your skin with your fingertips, instead of rubbing and allow it to absorb fully before applying the next (in my case, sunscreen.)

You'll have the bright and dewy complexion of a person who, say, drinks water - and is sustained by more than coffee, champagne, and skinny pop.


Purchase at:

Drunk Elephant, Sephora, or Amazon for $80

Resurfacing Mask, Tata Harper

After reading that, tastemaker extraordinaire, Lauren Santo Domingo is a devotee of Harper’s all-natural beauty line (and reading a review in which it was dubbed, the ‘pre-party skin-rejuvenating Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask, for instant glow.’), I ordered the mask as well as the Rejuvenating Serum.

If you’re looking for an instant results mask—this is it. I applied a medium-ish layer of the peach-colored mask left it on for the entirety of an episode of Sweetbitter (directions say 20-30).

I’m pleased to report that it dries without flaking or feeling restrictive or tight. No need to worry about this rubbing off on your ruinously expensive silk pillowcase... which is worth every penny, by the way. 

This mask follows through. After trying it once, I was smitten. Smitten enough to bully an out-of-town friend staying in my pitifully furnished guest room to give it a try over coffee last week. 

My skin looked practically poreless, far less dull and naturally “glowly” - as I imagine Gwyneth looks on a Sunday morning as she sips her kombucha. 

Purchase at:

Tata Harper Skincare, Nordstrom, Sephora, or Amazon for $62

Jet Lag Mask, Summer Friday's

I’ve followed Marianna Hewitt for years. So I’ll admit, when she announced she was launching a beauty line with Lauren Gores, I was sold. It honestly could've been Cetaphil in a toothpaste container and I’d still have raved… luckily, it’s not.

The mask touts an impressively clean (and nourishing) combination of vitamins, ceramides, antioxidants and gently exfoliating extracts. Think vitamin C for brightening, chestnut extract for gentle exfoliation and plumping, and green tea, for calming - obviously. 

I’ll also note that the brand ‘Summer Friday’s’ was reportedly named as an homage to the summertime tradition of cutting out early to get a head start on weekend travel. Something I am a staunch supporter of. 

I am always on the hunt for something to fix my impossibly dry skin without leaving me feeling greasy... and gross. This is the answer to my dull/dry skin prayers… and better yet, it’s instant gratification.  

It's essentially an ultra-luxurious (vegan) moisturizer on steroids and left my skin both feeling and looking unbelievably hydrated, subtly brighter and uber-dewy.

It’s suggested that you apply a generous layer, allow/let soak at least 10 minutes for it to work it’s magic, and to then wipe off any excess. According to the package instructions, you can use it on your eyelids and below your eyes, a big departure from most skin-care products that caution you to stay away from that area. 

It can be used as a traditional mask, as an overnight mask, or primer under makeup… and it’s rinse-free - so you can simply wipe off or gently pat any remaining product into your skin. Game changing. 

purchase at:

Summer Friday's or Sephora for $48