Sick Day Diary

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Once again, I find myself nearly to the end of the month without realizing it.

Life is blurry. It’s flying. 

I intended to post this last Thursday (the day in question) but, of course, time got away from me. Nevertheless, please enjoy a painstakingly average (sick) day in my life. 

6:34 am

I’m sporting a cough I can’t seem to kick. I grab a grapefruit flavored cough drop from my nightstand and begin my morning Instagram scroll. I let Hank out. He enjoys his mornings to “bird” which includes running eagerly from corner to corner of the backyard - inspecting both trees and bushes - on the hunt for any unwelcome intruders (birds). 

7:02 am

Soap and Glory Peaches + Clean Cleansing Milk. ExfoliKate. Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum. Nurse Jamie Uplift. Quip (a gift in my stocking at Christmas.) Q-Tips. I'm a bit aggressive in terms of skincare - and while most of these products are a splurge, I can guarantee that they are all worth their price.

And let it be known: the Soap and Glory Peaches + Clean Cleansing Milk is a steal. If you follow it up with ExfoliKate, it even's out. No?

Everything in moderation. 

7:48 am

Coffee. I’m not much for breakfast, but I have croissants left-over from Steeplechase so I pop one into my toaster oven for a minute or two and drizzle a bit of honey over the top. Grab my laptop and settle in for a bit of online shopping. A necessary ritual when sick. Purchase a few things from H&M.

Certain I'll be spending the entire summer in THIS black tunic. THIS easy-breezy fine-knit cardigan is perfect for chilly summer nights and is only $12.99. And THIS light blue embroidered dress will make the perfect outfit for Father's Day. 

9:00 am

Post on Instagram. If you're not yet following me, now's the time. 

9:12 am

Decide to finally (!!!) watch The First Monday in May. It has been on my list since it debuted but this year's Met Gala reminded me that it was time to finally check it off. It's possible it was the DayQuill... but I LOVED IT.

I spent the entirety of the film simultaneously empathizing with Andrew Bolton, the Met's Head Curator of the Costume Institute and in awe of Sylvana Ward Durrett, Vogue's Director of Special Events (at the time.) She now owns a luxury children's company, Maisonette

11:07 am

Leftover tikka misala and the Summer Friday’s Jetlag Mask. My skin is notoriously dry and this mask is a life-changer. Can one have too many skincare products? No. Not possible. 

11:45 am

Hop over into Adobe and create a few graphics for Katie Madden’s new website. 

2:00 pm

Grab my laptop and begin digging through the bottomless pit of articles I've bookmarked to read at a later date. Apparently today is said later date. Loved THIS one titled ' How to Get Through Creative Dry Spells' and THIS one on goop titled, 'Passion, Intimacy and Why a Little Hate is Normal.'

Move from the left couch to the right couch to avoid a sore neck

3:15 pm

Decide fresh air might be the solution and take Hank for a short walk. It is Spring. (I think? It has been a consistent 90 degrees for nearly two weeks now.) It’s hotter than hot and not exactly pleasant. Upon our return I collect all the discarded cough drop wrappers and light a candle. 

4:57 pm

Spend - no kidding - nearly an hour reading Chrissy Teigen's tweets...

6:05 pm

Stumble upon something called the 'Enneagram' on Drop Cap Design's Instagram and am immediately consumed. Turns out I'm a 7 - an "Enthusiast." Read all about it on her blog HERE

7:00 pm


7:42 pm

Champagne (probably not the smartest while ill) and pimento cheese whilst watching Real Housewives of New York.

And yes, of course I realize just how incredibly, painfully normal all of this is. It doesn't necessarily merit a blog post, but I'm writing it anyway. 

What does your sick day look like? Am I the laziest person you've ever met?!

xo - a