Sunday Best

Nashville Architecture and Interiors


My four-legged fur baby turns two this April! The cutest little bakery in Nashville offers "pup-cakes" which I'm happily considering  a necessity - but I've also determined this elegantly engraved upgrade an absolute must. If shopping your children is half as fun as shopping for your canine, I'm looking forward to it! Also on the list? One of Amy Berry's ridiculously chic Les Touches dog beds.  

Nashville Home Design 


A minimal top with a shortened flamenco sleeve makes your arms look long and lean and super-romantic… actually, it makes your whole vibe super-romantic. Who doesn't want that? Made with a party-ready, matte-yet-shimmery silk for that time of the year when you kind of always have to be party-ready. You never know!


Nashville Architecture and Interiors 


Once upon a time I was lucky enough to work for one of Nashville's most beloved Interior Design and Architecture firms - and boy did they love chinoiserie. Stacked (strategically) among their pristine open shelving, coupled by their front door with the most luscious of boxwoods - it was editorial-esque, but better. I drooled over every piece and stealthily snapped any picture I could get away with. We've all been there, right?