Worth Noting



everything - and i mean everything - gwyneth paltrow does makes my mouth water. i'm aware it's likely not gp herself, but a team of over-qualified designers, responsible for goop's newest dallas post - but i am smitten nonetheless.  


Spring's spice(y) salad

camille styles' blog has long been a favorite of mine (and, well, everyone with a sense of style), but never before had i ventured out and attempted one of her many recipes. 

hint: i did and this cumin chickpea salad with mint chutney was quite the crowd pleaser. i posted about it on my instagram stories, so if you're not yet following along with me over there, now's the time.


Girl with no job, no longer

at long last - my life is complete (again.) my one true love, claudia oshry, has risen from the ashes and is back and better than ever. check out her new podcast, the morning toast


alex katz's "industrial slum"

one of my most prized possession's is my alex katz coffee table book... i can't afford one of his pieces for real for real, but i pretend by strategically placing his tome front and center in my living room. 

when i stumbled upon his interview with architectural digest, i knew i had to grab a la croix and dive in. 


a very carrie affair

the thought of having a wedding - scratch that, a party of any genre - at the new york public library is a damn duh-ream. 

if i ever become influential in any capacity, you better believe i am throwing myself a soiree there... i'm thinking astor hall. 


late to the party

i'm aware that this cinomatic masterpiece has been around for quite a while at this point, i'm nothing if not fashionably late, but i finally watched 'Call me by your name' and subsequently read everything i could find on the film, and the legendary director, luca guadagnino. 

finger's crossed for a sequel, right?