Dinner Party Devotee


I haven’t been “living my best life.”

But I suppose I wonder if any of us truly are. We work shamelessly late, glued to our laptops and iPhones.

We rush from morning pilates to lunch meetings. From the dry-cleaners, to the post office. From Whole Foods for a bottle of wine (or three) to a networking event or dinner meeting.

Alas - home… to work a bit more. 

Sometimes it can feel as if I’m living my default - simply going through the motions.

"white girl problems"

After one particularly trying week, I found myself bitter and exhausted over what most people consider the “small stuff” - a speeding ticket, a missed meeting, and a “disagreement” with my father over… politics, of course. 

It occurred to me that I could stand to prioritize (and celebrate) the things, no matter how small, that bring me happiness, rather than dwelling on those that don’t. 

It all leads to this. I’ve decided to get “serious” about domesticity… or, more so, entertaining (and enjoying it.)

A Brief Affair (with weekly dinner parties)

If you’ve been around for a while, you know I flirted with entertaining this past year. In this post, I rambled on about my New Year’s resolution to host a weekly dinner party at my home.

But life is busy, and my brief affair with weekly dinner parties faded with the Fall. 

I was relieved - tired of second-guessing nearly every detail and decision and dreading the anxiety of making everything just so.

not martha stewart material

It’s true: committing to hosting a dinner party, intimate or not, can require some psyching up.

I’m no stranger to the overwhelm that seems to multiply hours (or days) before having people over for a simple glass of rosé.  

At nearly twenty-six, I’ve yet to earn my stripes in wine pairings, flower arrangements, or duck confit and am still not totally clear on the most formal of place settings? 

If you’re equally confused, you’re in good company. 

So - I did some research. Scoured the internet and phoned a domestic goddess or two, and decided to take a survey of sorts. 
In the coming week’s you’ll be hearing from beloved dinner party devotee’s. They’re the epitome of modern sophistication (while managing to challenge tradition) - and champion fresh, unconventional approaches to living a charmed life and entertaining at home. 

No need for it to be complicated or stuffy. 

These days, it can feel like 99% of my interactions are digital - 99% of the time.

So it’s unbelievably refreshing when we’re afforded an evening to catch up with human beings - face to face (cocktail in hand), instead of through an expertly curated gallery of photographs. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPhone (and Instagram), but even more, I love energizing conversations. The people you adore most - gathered in the place you love most, your home, which has never looked lovelier.

And when good food and wine is involved, well… it just doesn’t get better than that.

Entertaining is and always will be about caring for people.

So here’s to this new thing I’m jumping into head-first! And my fingers are crossed - that you find ideas for your fanciest parties, and friends dropping by, unannounced. 

In the meantime, you’ll be seeing more from me. (And by "you" I mean me and maybe my mother, because who knows if anyone reads this?)

Enjoy, and don't forget (if you're not already) to follow @alexandreajarvis on Instagram for more nonsense.