Hey Stranger


It's true that the idea of writing a blog of my own has been in the back of my mind for... years.

In all honesty -  I know absolutely nothing in respect to blogging, but the idea intrigued me and I found myself investing countless hours mulling through an assortment of lifestyle, cooking, and decor blogs. I guess they left me feeling inspired. 

The idea of having a creative outlet fueled by passion seemed exciting, appealing, and challenging. Like I said, this is something I have considered for quite some time.

But- life has a way of getting rather busy. I moved away for school, joined a sorority, fell in love, got a dog, and moved back home to Nashville for a job. I hardly had time to wash my hair, much less take on something of this magnitude. Everything is in the timing, isn't it?

I suppose if I don't give it a go now, I never will. 

If you're reading this, bless you.