3 Combinations for a Classic Kitchen


Whether you’re in a new home and designing your dream kitchen from scratch, renovating a hopelessly dated one, or making a handful of small changes to give your semi-functioning space a facelift - my best advice when designing your dream kitchen is to consider what’s going to work in real life for you and your family. 

As woo-woo as this sounds, our kitchens feed us in more ways than one. They’re a testament that a room can be both pragmatic and stylish. That form does indeed follow function.

After all, a kitchen is hardly used for only cooking and eating. We use them to socialize, to work, to study and to relax. Designing a kitchen certainly takes a lot - but, done right, it will give a lot back.

Classic Kitchen Combinations

With big money comes big decisions - and, often, big angst. There is such a sense of finality when making decisions for your kitchen. If you tire of your cabinets a year from now, they’re not as easily replaced or relocated as, say, a dresser in your guest bedroom.

Foresight and intention are very (read: very) important when you begin taking into consideration cabinetry and appliance placement, water lines and stone counter tops. 

Naturally, I took it upon myself to assemble a few wish lists for all of you classic kitchen lovers out there feeling overwhelmed. These finishes can help cut down on at least a few of the decisions you have to make during your kitchen renovation.