That Girl


I feel absurd admitting this - but sharing this blog with my friends and family made me feel absurdly foolish. Truth be told, the universe forced my hand. I naively attempted to post on my top-secret Facebook page, but accidentally posted on my personal page. The horror! 

There are so so so so so so so many talented people out there. So so so so many.

I obsessively follow Erin Gates' life and would swear on every bottle of champagne in my refrigerator (there are multiples) that we were born to be friends.

Erin, call me!

Considering, for even a minute, that anyone would ever be even slightly interested in a thing I have to say seemed extraordinarily pretentious.

The thought of being "that girl" makes me crazy, but the thought of continuing to make life decisions based on what people will or won't think of me makes me crazier. 


Universe, thank you.


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