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My skincare routine is something I look forward to (and appreciate) each day - which I’m sure to a handful of you sounds terribly frivolous… but please, spare me your righteous indignation. 

We stay out too late. We drink too many glasses of champagne... or rose… or tequila. We forget sunscreen. We run from this meeting to that happy hour. Simplicity, and self-care for that matter, seem to be in short supply.

Like so many of you, it can feel as if I am doing a million little things - but doing none of them well. Much less with mindfulness or intention. So maybe it’s the only child in me - but I’m quite the advocate for stealing a few moments to invest in yourself. To be clear, a skincare routine does not a snob make. 

You’re in for only honest opinions inspired by skin-care obsessions. 

c u r r e n t l y   c o v e t i n g

Well Read: The New Me by Halle Butler

280 pages of aesthetically ASTONISHING photographs capturing IT girls at every age - including two of my personal favorites, Lauren Santo Domingo and Elizabeth Chambers Hammer.

A self-proclaimed exploration of  'modern motherhood.'

If you're partial to her previous work American Beauty and Young Hollywood, you need not be persuaded. 

Thankfully I had the foresight to preorder this on (checking Amazon) April 22nd - because it's temporarily out of stock!

Move over, Ibiza Bohemia - there's a new hot pink beauty in town.